The experiences of my 102 day voyage across the South Sea I want to present here. Travel reports on television, in travel guides and brochures present an image of the South Seas that you will not find there. My advice is, that you should travel to the South Seas without any preconceived expectations and never by yourself.

Generally you should avoid travelling in the South Seas on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday because businesses are closed. Moreover you need to be aware of unexpected public holidays such as ANZAC-day on 25th April on the Cook Islands, NZ and AUS (this can happen to you twice because of the International Dateline) or French Victory-day on 8th May in French Polynesia.


In my preparations I tried to reduce my luggage to only the most necessary items but I still had too much and what I had was not always the most suitable. No matter for how long you will be travelling, you should take into account the following:

Washing laundry is necessary anyway, so you really only need underwear for 4 days, 4 t-shirts, 4 long-sleeved t-shirts, 2 bright shorts, 2 bright slacks and 3 bright towels. Take only bright colored items that can be washed together in one machine and which are lightweight, easy to dry and comfortable to wear.

Against rain take no coat where you get wet from sweating but an umbrella. Don't forget to take water-resistant sandals to walk through rain showers and mud and to step out of boats into the seawater (aqua shoes are too heavy to dry). For sun protection, you will need a straw hat with a chin strap.

Paper tissues I needed much less because of the humid air. For NZ and the Cook Islands you need a 230V mains adapter with angular flat contacts.

Instead of the 70l backpack I took, I would suggest a 40l carrier bag with shoulder straps embedded in the bottom. For hand luggage I would use a flexible thermal bag which can double as a beach bag and a shopping bag. For excursions, a small backpack with a scaffold to prevent it from direct contact with the body is helpful, as is a water-resistant box (for carrying credit cards, driver's license, money and keys) because you can swim with it. It is advisable to take a small waterproof sack to protect your camera from rain and for boat excursions.