Aranui - Tuamotus - Marquesas

A voyage of a special kind across Tuamotus and Marquesas was the two week cruising with the freighter Aranui 3, what is more to be seen as an adventure voyage then just a cruise. For the excursions to the land you need to be well on your feet, since going ashore often was difficult. The fare contains full board, drinking water, table wine and all excursion including catering. Only entrance fee in few museums and your own special wishes like souvenirs will cost extra. The art handycrafts offered on all visited islands are an important means of support to the inhabitants. The Aranui is an importand economical factor to the islands. The time is heavily filled up with events and excursions and you may get to know a lot of interesting people. The crew is particularly friendly and the meals are excellent not to forget the patisserie. The guests of the dormitory (Deck C) get the same service. Washing of your upper clothes happens two times during the cruise and is also included.


Fakarava 11.06.2006

After one day or 500km from Tahiti we are taken ashore Fakarava by whaleboats. The morning we spend snorkeling and swimming.
In the afternoon we head to the Marquesas and in the evening the Aranui Band is playing in the bar.


Ua Pou (Hakahau) 13.06.2006

After 1 1/2 days and with delay because of rough sea we put ashore at the peer of Hakahau on Ua Pou.
Robin and Roz on the way to lunch Chez Tata Rosalie.
In the afternoon we walk to a view point and for hopping in the waves to the beach of Anahoa in the next bay.

Nuku Hiva (Taiohae Taipivai) 14.06.2006

Taiohae is the administration center of the Marquesas. We visit the Cathedral of Taiohae and ride on Jeeps to the Muake Pass, where we have picnic.

The continuing ride lead us to the valley of Taipivai and we walk to the Meae Paeke. The Aranui meanwhile has changed the bay and we go on board again by whaleboats.

Hiva Oa (Atuona) 15.06.2006

Hiva Oa receives us with rain. We hike to Atuona and to the graves of Paul Gaugin and Jacques Brel, visit the Gaugin Museum as well as a reproduction of his logging and the memorial place of Jacques Brel with his renovated airplane.
In the restaurant Hoa-Nui we had a lunch buffet.

Fatu Hiva (Omoa Hanavave) 16.06.2006

The bay of Omoa also receives us with rain when we headed to land by whaleboats. In the village we visit a museum and watch the making of Tapa.
The "cream" of the ship set out for the 17km hike to Hanavave that threatened to sink us into mud.

Then wonderful views came up to us and in Hanavave a dancing show.
Unfortunately our American lady Robin slips at the peer and brakes her arm. Next day she flies by helicopter to the hospital and follows us the same kind two days later.

Hiva Oa (Puamau Hanaiapa) 17.06.2006

Puamau receives us with sun when Robin had the first whaleboat ashore to fly to the hospital.
We hike to the archeologic site and later go for swimming at the beach.

In the afternoon we head for the bay of Hanaiapa.
Bernard shows the gesture for "great".

Tahuata (Vaitahu Hapatoni) 18.06.2006

While putting ashore at Vaitahu for the Sunday church service the rain is pouring down. After the visit of a small museums we already have to go on board to head for the next bay.

In Hapatoni we are welcomed with head plumage, music and dancing. After the picnic for lunch we had a short hike to a view point.

Ua Huka (Vaipaee Hane Hokatu) 19.06.2006

At the arrival in Vaipaee the whole ship is turned on the spot within the narrow bay. After welcome with music and dancing and the visit of a museum we ride by jeep to the botanical garden and for lunch in Hane. This day also Robin returns to us.

On the ship we have the polynesian evening arranged by the crew and the passengers.

Song sung in the Polynesian Night by the Occupants of the "Dortoir":

Non ce n'était pas le radeau De la méduse ce bateau Pour les Marquises on nous a dit Tu prends l'Aranui Le capitaine les matelots Le cuistot les guides et yoyo A bord sont tous prêts à partir Et nous autres aussi Les guides nous ont accueillis Colliers de fleurs nous ont remis Nous ont montre l'dormitory Où passer nos nuits C'est là que l'on a fait connaissance De tout' la chambre en partance Ce seront nos copains de bord Nos copains de bord Des nanas il y en a des tas Eliane, Françoise et Valérie Yolande, Mylène et Emilie Cécile et Eva Des mecs il n'y en a pas beaucoup Il y a la qualité surtout Pierre, Jean Yves, Dieter et Daniel, René le marin Pour s'installer on vous l'assure Ce n'est pas une sinécure Car le dortoir il est petit Il y a 18 lits On ne dort pas sur des "Peues" Et on a même des oreillers Attention à ne pas ronfler Car vous êtes virés
Le seul problème on vous le jure Pour se doucher c'est l'aventure Dans le couloir faut se croiser Aux douches frapper Les serviettes il faut les chercher Car elles sont toutes mélangées Mais le résultat est assuré Ca ne sent pas mauvais Le dortoir a plusieurs fonctions Buanderie nous l'utilisons Partout il y a slips et maillots Qui gouttent de l'eau Pour visiter, prendre un ticket A la réception s'il vous plait Vous rêverez quand vient le soir A la vie d'dortoir Et puis il y a le resto Les pâtissiers e les cuistots Pour nous gâter ils mettent du Cœur C'est plein de saveurs Pour nous distraire c'est magique Le "band fait même de la musique La vie à bord est fantastique Bravo à l'équipe Non ce n'était pas le radeau De la méduse ce bateau Pour les Marquises on est parti Tangage et roulis Le capitaine, les matelots L'équipage, les guides, les cuistots A tous nous vous disons merci Viv' l'Aranui



Nuku Hiva (Hatiheu) 20.06.2006

In Hatiheu the first hike leads us to Tohua Hikokua where we are presented the pig dance. Then we go to Meae Kamuihei where Bruni and Gitti are sitting.

Part of the lunch is pork from the earth oven. The following walk leads us to a pass with view to the Anaho Bay.
After sunset we have the experience watching the rescue of a fisherman and his boat by our ship at rough sea.

Nuku Hiva (Taiohae) + Ua Pou (Hakahau) 21.06.2006

Early morning in Taiohae the fisherman's boat is disembarked. I have a ride by hitchhiking once more to Taiohae. Back I go by feet. Still this morning we head for Hakahau where I hike to the beach of Anahoa once more for wave hopping. Then it is time to say farewell to the Marquesas.


Rangiroa 23.06.2006

At Rangiroa we are accompanied by dolphins in the bow wave of our ship into the lagoon, where we go ashore for a last beach stay.
After picnic we go aboard and set course Tahiti.